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Publications: journals, magazines, periodicals

Eric G. Müller's stories poems and articles have appeared in or been accepted by many online and print publications including:

Raving Dove, Slow Trains, Yes Poetry, The Legendary, Renewal, Hear Us Roar, Ink Bean, Bewildering Stories, Six Sentences, Southern Cross Review, Clutching at Straws, Indood, Mermaid Blotter Rag Inform, Lilipoh, Spilling Ink, Wizards of the Wind, Short, Fast, and Deadly; The Shine Journal, Info 3, 50 to 1, Lowestoft Chronicle, Journal for Anthroposophy, The Momo Reader, Story Short, Haggard & Haloo, Orion Headless, LITSNACK, Eunoia, Potluck Magazine, Exercise Bowler, Milk Sugar, Used Furniture Review, Journal of Microliterature, Gloom Cupboard, Halfway Down the Stairs, Ken* Again— the Literary Magazine, Epiphany Magazine, MuDJob, RED OCHRE LIT, Numinous Spiritual Poetry, The Rainbow Rose, Invitation Fruit, Berg Gasse 19, Three Line Poetry, Amaranthine Muses, Semolina Pilchard; weasel and gun: variety magazine, Old Yellow Notebook, Blog from the Bog, The Write Room, Flash Fiction Offensive, The Write Place at the Write Time, Poetic Medicine, Magic Cat Press, The Stone Hobo, Decades Review, Inner Art Journal, Molt, The Corner Club Press, Blink Ink, Fortunates, Leaf Garden Press, Our Day's Encounter, rigor Mort.US, Literbug, a handful of stones, Rhyme and PUNishment (Local Gem's Poetry Press), Carnival, Portland Branch, Postcard Shorts, Boston Literary Magazine, Open Road Review, The Mind(less) Muse, Shadow Road Quarterly, The Mindful Word, The Bookends Review, About Place Journal, A Hundred Gourds, Halcyon Magazine, Spinozablue; Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Blue Hour Magazine, The Autumn Sound, The Weekenders, Chrysanthemum, Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine, Cleaver Magazine, The Literary Yard, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Poetry Pacific, 50 haiku's.

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