BOOK LAUNCH ~ Do You Love Your Teachers?: Memoir of A Waldorf Teacher

Saturday, November 25 ~ 3 to 5 p.m. ~ Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School ~ What it means to be Waldorf Teacher. Personal reflections of three decades of teaching ~ with music by Julian Muller. Refrsshments will be served.

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The Invisible Boat and the Molten Dragon will be published in December (Waldorf Publications 2017)

Rounding the ape of Good Hope

Rounding the Cape of Good Hope ~ A Seventh Grade Play is now available (Alkion Press, 2017). Up to now it was only available in manuscript form. Because of ongoing demand I have revised the play and published it in book form.

Pilgrim Poet ~ Roaming Rebel is now available (Alkion Press, 2016). This collection contains sacred and secular poems, written mostly while traveling. The poems are inspired by ancient and sacred sites, nature, as well as museums, cites, and people.

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Now Available: Life Poems for My Students, published by Alkion Press (2016)

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My memoir will be published next year by Adonis Press.  The memoir focuses on my thirty years of teaching in a Waldorf School.

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I am excited to announce that AH Press will be publishing frogs, frags & kisses ~ tanka, haiku, limericks and other short poems. Release date: June 1st,  2015 


Festive Book Launch

Saturday, April 26, 2014 at 5 pm - The Chatham Bookstore - Main Street, Chatham, NY 12037 

 Drops on the Water: Stories about Growing up from a Father and Son by Eric G Müller and Matthew Zanoni Müller

The Invisible Boat (book for children) published by  Waldorf Publications is now available - order here

Official book launch: The Chatham Bookstore in Chatham NY - Sunday, March 9, 2014 @ 2pm

Eric G. Muller was awarded the 2012 James C. Kapteyn Prize for excellence in education

Artist Statement:

I write to investigate the world around and within me, adjusting my style to the content. I use the visible world to draw attention to the invisible. I fail and that conflict helps me become more me, which is made up of the world I investigate.

Meet Me at the Met

Rites of Rock

Coffee on the Piano for You


From 2010 Onward:

Home published by Inner Art Journal - here

Teacher published by Dressing Room Poetry Journal - here

Eagle's End, The Honey Hag, Garden Deal published by Southern Cross Review - here

Two Tanaka poems published by Chrysanthemum Volume 13, April 2013 - here

Allen Ginsberg in Atlantis published by The Weekenders Magazine - here

In Life's Hourglass published by A Hundred Gourds - here

Mahatma Malala published by Southern Cross Review - here

Unbuttoned Dress published by Carnival Magazine - here

Three poems published by The Mind(less) Muse - here

Three tanka poems published by  Boston Literary Magazine - here

Umbrella published by a handful of stones - here

Resurrection published by Portland Branch - here

Diner Ennui published by Literbug - here

Odysseia Bar published by  rIgor Mort.US  - here

Yellow Clouds published by a handful of stones - here

Broken published by Fortunates - here

Coffee Date published by Our Day's Encounter - here

Four poems published by Inner Art Journal - here

She Got published by The Stone Hobo - here

Garden Deal published by Molt - here

Waking up on the Beach published by Decades Review - here

Phantom Words published by The Write Place at the Write Time - here

Polymastic Goddess published by Poetic Medicine - here

Last Judgment and other poems published by Southern Cross Review - here

KO published by oldyellownotebook - here

Seven Sips of Coffee published by Semolina Pilchard - here

Between Hands published by Amaranthine Muses - here

Three three line poems published by Three Line Poetry - here

So What and Never Just Nothing published by The Rainbow Rose - here

 And Still the Birds Tumble published by Numinous: Spiritual Poetry - here

Depressed  published by Exercise Bowler - here

Four Poems published by Southern Cross Review - here

Two Poems published by Yes, Poetry - here

Four limericks published by The Momo Reader - here

Putting the Lid on it published by Short, Fast and Deadly - here

Two Poems published by Wizards of the Wind - here 

For Sale published by Clutching at Straws - here

Three Poems published by Eunoia -  I Guess - here

Private Prayer - here

One Last - here


Eric G.  Müller's stories, poems and articles have appeared in or been accepted by many online and print publications, including Raving Dove, Slow Trains, Yes Poetry, The Legendary, Renewal, Hear Us Roar, Ink Bean, Bewildering Stories, Six Sentences, Southern Cross Review, Clutching at Straws, Indood, Mermaid Blotter Rag, Inform, Lilipoh, Spilling Ink, Wizards of the Wind; Short, Fast, and Deadly; The Shine Journal, Info 3, 50 to 1, Lowestoft Chronicle, Journal for Anthroposophy,The Momo Reader, Long Story Short, Haggard & Haloo, Orion Headless, LITSNACK, Eunoia, Pot Luck Magazine, Exercise Bowler, Milk Sugar, Used Furniture Review, Journal of Microliterature, Gloom Cupboard, Half Way Down the Stairs, Ken* Again - the literary magazine, Epiphany Magazine, MuDJob, RED OCHRE LiT, Numinous: Spiritual Poetry, The Rainbow Rose, Imitation Fruit, Berg Gasse 19, Three Line Poetry,  Amaranthine Muses, Semolina Pilchard, weasel and gun: variety magazine, Old Yellow Notebook, Blog from the Bog, The Write Room, Flash Fiction Offensive, The Write Place at the Write Time, Poetic Medicine, Magic Cat Press, The Stone Hobo, Decades Review, Inner Art Journal , Molt, The Corner Club Press,  Blink Ink, Fortunates, Leaf Garden Press, Our Day's Encounter, rIgor mort.US, Literbug, a handful of stones, Rhyme and PUN-ishment (Local Gems Poetry Press), Carnival, Portland Branch, Postcard Shorts, Boston Literary Magazine, Open Road Review, The Mind(less) Muse, Shadow Road Quarterly, The Mindful Word, The Bookends Review, About Place Journal, A Hundred Gourds, Halcyon Magazine, Spinozablue, Ink, Sweat & Tears, The Blue Hour Magazine, The Autumn Sound, The Weekenders, Chrysanthemum, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, Cleaver Magazine, The Literary Yard, Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Poetry Pacific, and 50 Haikus .

Coffee on the Piano for You

Short, Fast and Deadly

Leaf Garden

Three Line Poetry

Lowestoft Chronicle

A Dream in the Clouds

The Corner Club Press

Living Angels

The Blotter - September Issue - 2010

Rhyme and PUN-ishment

Blink Ink

Boston Literary Magazine

Summer - 2012

Meet Me at the Met Book Launch

Brooklyn Book Festival

      With Daniela Gioseffi

A Blackbird Sings

Woodsmoke Press 2012

Yellow clouds of pollen...

The Mindful Word

Three Poems

Whereabouts - Stepping out of Place

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50 Haikus

To order - here


Eric G. Müller was born in Durban, South Africa, and studied literature and history at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.  After a few years working at a variety of jobs, playing and performing music, and traveling around Europe, he attended Emerson College in Sussex, England and the Waldorf Institute in Witten-Annen, Germany, where he specialized in music education.  Together with his family he moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he taught for eight years.  Currently he is living in upstate New York, teaching music, drama, English literature, and creative writing at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf High School.  He is a founding member of the Alkion Center and is the director of the education department.  He has taught at Simon’s Rock College of Bard as an adjunct teacher and summer courses at Sunbridge College.  His novel Rites of Rock (Adonis Press 2005) is a fast-moving and riveting saga that examines the phenomenon of rock music.  In Coffee on the Piano for You Müller presents old and new poetry written mostly while traveling or drinking coffee.  Since then he has published three more books of poems. His second novel, Meet Me at the Met (Plane View Press, 2010) is an absorbing account of a man who tries to come to terms with himself and the world at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Müller collaborated on a book of short stories with his son, Matthew Zanoni Müller called called Drops on the Water.  He recently completed the sequel to the children's book The Invisible Boat (Waldorf Publications) called The Invisible Boat and the Molten Dragon. Müller was awarded the 2012 James C. Kapteyn Prize for excellence in education, which prompted him to write his memoir Do You Love Your Teachers? ~ Memoir of a Waldorf Teacher,  a personal account of his three decades of teaching. Articles, short stories and poetry have been published in various journals and magazines.