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Why Parzival?:
An Epic of Our Age with Global Reach and Its Secret Connections to Waldorf Education

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My Story

Eric G. Müller was born in Durban, South Africa. After graduating from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, he continued his studies in England and Germany, focusing on drama, music and education. Together with his family he moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he taught for eight years. Since then, he has lived in upstate New York, teaching music, drama, English literature, and creative writing, at the Hawthorne Valley High School. He is also the director of Teacher Education at the Alkion Center. He has published novels, short story collections, and children’s books, amongst others. Poetry, articles and short stories have appeared in numerous journals, anthologies and magazines. 

My Books

Why Parzival?

the Mermaid of Amarvin Island

Fringe Locations

My Books
Anchor 1

Rounding the Cape of Good Hope

Do you Love Your Teachers?

The Waldorf Main Lesson

The Invisible Boat and the Molten Dragon

The Black Madonna and the Young Sculptor

The Invisible Boat

Drops on the Water: Stories About Growing up from a Father and Son

Meet Me at the Met

Rites of Rock

Life Poems for My Students

Pilgrim Poet: Roaming Rebel

frogs, frags & kisses

Coffee on the Piano for You

Truth, Lies, & Light

Tiny Tin Elf


Next Event

Book signing
Yuletide Fair ~ December 2, 2023
Hawthorne Valley School
330 County Rte 21C, Ghent, NY 12075

If you could not attend the book launch, you can watch the recorded presentation
HERE  (under Why Parzival?)
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